Wednesday, 24 June 2015


My design acts as a bridge over Anzac Pde, from NIDA to UNSW.

It is comprised of a central semi-open walkway, akin to The High Line in New York. I wanted to incorporate an open space in the walkway but also a gallery space - with use for walls and cabinets etc. I wanted this space to be one that could be experienced by one but also a space that could be just walked through. The High Line does this well as it acts as a quick efficient way to travel through New York's west side, but 
also acts as a tourist destination as well as a nice place to lay in the sun.

The required elements - library, labs etc - then 'float' around the central walkway, in strong contrast with their concrete materiality. To make this plausible, James suggested adding, 'tracks'. Taking this central walkway and turning it into a train station-ish place for students and staff. By using carefully placed railway tracks on each side of the walkway, studios, library, lecture space, offices etc are able to move freely between open space, and connecting(or docking) with the central public space.

This multitude of spaces is freely connected by the three key materials [concrete, timber and glass] the central walkway and accessible open spaces, as well as the ability to be able to move your studio/office up and down as you please.

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