Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Various images from my sketchup model during the process of building the central walkway

Image showing finished bridge with placement over Anzac Pde

The model in the UNSW SketchUp site

View from walking through the bridge, library entrance (while in place) on left

A wider shot showing a few more elements on their proposed tracks


 When deciding what kind of 'rail' I should use for the building elements, i started with a railway beam, derived from that image. Many difficulties using a shape like this, especially when you want to turn it on  right angle etc, so I just went for a more simple shape like the I beam on the right. This shape proved much easier to work with. (No curves!)

The I beam is used for the the building's 'tracks'.

When deciding what to do at either end, for access to the bridge, my initial thought was stairs(above). These stairs didn't look right and I don't have any other large staircases in my design so I thought they seemed almost out of place.. Instead I've decided to go with an elevator of sorts, 4 concrete slabs = to 25m2. Thinking of putting some wooden elements (a few stairs maybe) from the ground floor as an introduction to the elevator and to tie in with other wooden elements.

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